Beautiful Friend Mug
Beautiful Friend Mug
Beautiful Friend Mug

Beautiful Friend Mug

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Your bestie’s morning cuppa comes with a shot of wisdom when drinking from an Intrinsic Beautiful Friend Mug.

Adorned with one of Adèle Basheer's inspirational quotes and embellished with real gold, your gal-pal is guaranteed an extra dose of happiness with every cup of tea, coffee, chai or hot chocolate.

A gorgeous gift for your special friendship, this mug’s beautiful boho patterning and colourful purple hues will awaken any day.

Plus, the shiny new mug comes presented in a matching gift box - which we've cleverly adopted as our pen holders in the Intrinsic studio!

That's enough from us, the kettle's just boiled...

"Beautiful Friend. The times we share are previous moments wrapped around the heart with love" - Adèle Basheer